A Message From Fr. Chris – June 1

“The devil said to him, “If you are the Son of God, tell this stone to become bread.”

The enemy is devious. Satan uses words to confuse, twist and defy God’s plans for our lives.

Early in Luke’s Gospel, Satan tempts Jesus to use His divine power to benefit Himself; an act that the Father has not instructed Jesus to do. Satan is counting on the fact that Jesus is very hungry after fasting for 40 days and that He may be unsure of who He really is.

We know how this exchange ends. Frustrated because he cannot trick Jesus, Satan leaves Him until another, more opportune time.

The other day, I realized that Satan was lying to me as well to manipulate how I would act and immobilize me.

For months, I have heard a voice telling me a partial truth. The voice has reminded me that I am 61 years old. My mind and body don’t operate the same way they did five years ago. The more the voice reminded me, the older I felt. I started slowing down, but it just got worse. Depression started to take over.  I had projects that needed to be done, but I had no energy to do them.

Last week, I was attending our Wednesday morning clergy prayer group. I used to have the reputation of being the “hugger” of the group. I would stand when any of the other clergy would arrive and greet them with a big embrace. I was surprised to note that I no longer did that. Instead, I would sit down and reach out for a hand shake. Realizing this made me angry. A spiritual spotlight suddenly focused upon the lies and I realized that I was being played.

This week, I arrived at Wednesday prayer early and told my colleagues that I was there to repent. I am not old, I am just older. I may not be able to run and jump the way I used to, but I can certainly still offer love through hugs and words of encouragement. I can still do everything God has called me to do. Then, I proceeded to walk around the group, the way I used to, and give all of them a big embrace.

Has the enemy been messing with your head as well? Is he twisting truth into a lie in order to neutralize you? I can tell you from experience that your repentance, coupled with God’s forgiveness and grace, is a transforming gift. Pushing away from Satan’s agenda and refocusing on the LORD not only changed my attitude, it restored me to being the person who believed that “all things are possible with God” and that “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

Now, what lies has Satan tricked you into believing?

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