“Could You Please Repeat The Question?”

Therefore keep watch because you do not know when the owner of the house will come back-whether in the evening, or at midnight, or when the rooster crows, or at dawn. If he comes suddenly, do not let him find you sleeping. What I say to you, I say to everyone: ‘Watch!’
Mark 13:35-37 (NIV)

  By Fr. Christopher Waters

When I was in college, I was enrolled in an entry level economics course. The professor was explaining “supply and demand.” I already understood the concept well, so, as he talked, I was lulled into a false sense of security. I knew the answer to any question he asked, but the more he spoke, the more I simply heard, “blah, blah, blah,” I totally tuned out. When he asked the question, I didn’t hear it until he addressed it to me. I awoke out of my semi-slumber and asked, “could you please repeat the question?” He called on someone else instead.

Every year, we hear someone proclaim a date which is to be either the end of the world or the return of Jesus. The date comes and goes and we are still here and Jesus has not returned. We hear the gloom and doom so much, we are lulled into a false sense of security and it just becomes, “blah, blah, blah.”

Scripture does remind us that we will not know the date or hour of Jesus’ return, but it also assures us that there will be signs that Christians can read and we need to watch for those signs. Are we watching?

Many signs are beginning to show themselves, although at this point, they could still be more like a mirage than actual signs. World governments are aligning themselves against Israel and it is now questionable as to whether any country will stand as Israel’s ally. What Jesus described as “birth pangs” – famines, earthquakes, wars and rumors of war – are clearly happening. Are we watching?

For the first time in history, biblical prophecies have been fulfilled and the world is perfectly positioned to quickly spin out of control and see the rise of the true Antichrist. When he comes, will we recognize him for who he truly is, or will we welcome him because we have been sleeping through the bible lesson? Worse yet, when Jesus comes suddenly and calls us to join him, will we have seen the signs and be ready, or will we ask, “could you please repeat the question?”


Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.