Have You Seen Jesus?

“If anyone is thirsty, let him come to me and drink.” – John 7:37

By Janey Waters

Have you ever had a time where you felt forsaken by God? I have. Just recently, a situation occurred where I felt abandoned, confused, vulnerable, hurt, disappointed, and angry. Tears flowed over my cheeks as I faced His sudden change in our “agreement!” I had come to rely on my Heavenly Father’s position on this, so why did He change it?

I went through my usual checklist of questions for myself:

1. Did I do something wrong to have caused His change of action?
2. Did my Father leave me in this situation alone and unprotected?
3. Am I no longer important to Him?
4. Does He miss me as much as I miss Him?
5. What am I supposed to learn from this?

Then, I reminded myself of the Truths about God:

A. God will never, ever forsake or abandon me!
B. God is always good, pure, and perfect.
C. God is the same today as He was yesterday and will be tomorrow.
D. My Father gives good gifts.
E. He yearns for an intimate relationship with me.

I spoke aloud these Truths, but my joy in Him diminished to that of barely a whisper, my sense of humor with Him all but disintegrated, and my sense of security advanced to bright yellow, caution-light status.

Two weeks passed before I mentioned it to Chris, and he suggested we go before the Lord, in prayer. As I visualized a safe place, I expected my Father to come into this sacred place, and I was surprised when Jesus entered.

When He saw me, Jesus’ face exuded a delightful, full-faced smile, eyes dancing with joy. As I ran to Him, I was transformed into a little girl whose only desire was to be held by Him. After He threw me into the air several times, I squealed with pure joy, love, and freedom. Nothing else mattered except that precious moments we shared.

After I asked Jesus a few questions about my precarious situation with my Father, I noticed that the answers mattered less than His presence. What I needed most was sitting right in front of me. Placing the hurtful incident in Jesus’ divine perspective, I felt my joy return, and I was immediately restored to a loving, playful, trusting child of God.

Come, all you who are thirsty. Come into His Presence, drink deeply, and be healed.