Newsletter: No Jesus, No Peace

“Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth.” – Colossians 3:2

By Fr. Christopher Waters

There are days when my mind feels like it is about to explode! We live in a time when there is so much information pouring into us that we can become completely overwhelmed.

ABC, CBS, CNN, Facebook, FOX, Instagram, Mobile Phones, MSNBC, NBC, Instant Messaging, Texting, and Twitter are just a few of the hundreds of networks, apps and devices that want our attention. It would be one thing if all these platforms simply spoke Truth. Then they would all be in sync and our brains could simply file away the Truth.

No, they do not necessarily want us to know Truth, they want to tell us what their truth is and they want us to accept it as the Truth.

Mind you, Truth is available if you are willing to dig for it, but in order to separate opinion or lies from Truth, you first have to know Truth and He is a person.

Jesus lived a life of Truth. When we study the Gospels, we are introduced to Jesus and begin the process of coming to know Him.

By knowing Jesus, we are taught to identify Truth from falsehood and we are taught to not become too concerned about the world, for it is perishing.

Instead, Paul tells us to set our mind on things that are above (in Heaven) and not on things that are earthly.

If we feel anxious, that means that we are not certain what is True and Right and Trustworthy. Anxiety comes out of fear and fear out of not knowing Truth.

The more you study the Bible, the more you know Jesus. The more you know Jesus, the more you know Truth. The more you know Truth, the more you experience peace.

In other words:

No Jesus, No Peace
Know Jesus, Know Peace

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