What are your colors?

“For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.” Philippians 1:21

   By Fr. Christopher Waters

autumntreeBostonKatharineAs I look out the window, I am blessed to see a variety of vivid colors as the leaves on the trees turn to varying shades of yellow, orange, and red. I know the leaves will die soon as the chlorophyll which has given them their green luster flows into the root for winter storage. I know the winter will soon be upon us and the bleak winter months will hold little color, but in the meantime, my eyes feast upon the beautiful splashes of color.

I am told that trees that do not receive enough water through the summer do not turn color. The leaves quickly go from green to brown and then die and fall. Sometimes they fall far before the fall colors appear. Sometimes the tree is so deprived of water that it too dies, unable to withstand the hot summer temperatures.

The leaves are dying and so are we. Regardless of how old we are or our relative health, we are still dying.

It is not so much a question of whether we will die, but how we will die.

Like trees, we need water, but we need more than H2O, we need LIVING water. For those of us who are in Jesus Christ our LORD, we have living water – even during life’s most arid deserts. As we die in Christ, the living water that flows through us allows us to glow in the wide range of God’s colors of love. Our colors are signs to the rest of the world that we are dying, but we are also living inChrist. Our dying gives off the evidence of Him who has flowed through us and death is our blessing, because we then live totally in the roots of Him who holds us safely.

What are your colors? Have you browned too early? Is your life a dry and weary land that is sucking the color of your life out of you? There is always time in Christ to be renewed – to have the Living Waters flow through us and to give off the colors of love before we are hidden away in Him who is our root. Come to the source of living water. Don’t expect the world to give you what only He can give. Come you who are thirsty. Drink deeply. Let your living colors show!


Photo courtesy author Katharine Grubb, Sand Springs native.  Taken near Boston, November 6, 2013.